TeleSense CellularSpear

Finally, the perfect grain monitoring solution. Wirelessly and effortlessly monitor your grain from anywhere in the world with a cellular data connection. 

100% Wireless
30 Second Installation
Temperature and Moisture Sensors
2 Year Rechargeable Battery
User-Specified Sampling Intervals



CellularSpears make it easy to monitor commodities which were previously a challenge to monitor. Just insert these outdoor-ready spears into your commodity and start collecting temperature, moisture, and location data from anywhere with a cellular data signal. Available in different sizes, and equipped with a 2-year rechargeable battery, these spears will help you rest easy as you monitor your commodities from afar.


Waterproof CellularSpear 

The Waterproof CellularSpear is designed to monitor high-moisture environments, such as the storage and transport of potatoes and onions. This version monitors temperature and has a shaft that is fully waterproof to withstand much higher levels of moisture than the regular CellularSpear.


Gateway SensorSpear 

Gateway SensorSpears are a non-cellular alternative to CellularSpears. All sensors wirelessly connect with a LoRa Gateway that connects to the internet.


Gateway device 

The gateway is used to connect all non-cellular devices to the internet. It is powered by LoRa (Long Range) communication protocol, which enables a more powerful and reliable data connection.

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