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- Data Analyst -

Job Duties:
Leverage data and business principles for TeleSense data science strategies; Provide metrics, trends, relationship and patterns in the data to the management; Utilize analytical, programming & statistical skills to collect & analyze time-series data; Develop predictive analytics, exploratory data analysis and build Tableau visualizations; Assist in the creating and maintenance of data driven optimization models, experiments and forecasting algorithms; collect data from multiple sources & extract, transform & load data for predictive analytics; Provide feedback to TeleSense science and engineering teams on the applicability of technical solutions from business perspective; Detect anomalies in time-series data using Machine Learning algorithms.

Job Requirements: 

Reqd. master’s in business administration or related.



- Data Scientist -

Job Description:
- Use analytical rigor and statistical methods, programming, data modeling, simulation,
and advanced mathematics to analyze large amounts of time-series sensor data,
recognizing patterns, identifying opportunities, posing business questions, and making
valuable discoveries
- Identify/develop appropriate machine learning/data mining techniques to enable new
generation of TeleSense products
- Understand and analyze data sources including sampling biases, accuracy, and coverage
- Break apart problems scientifically, providing insight into your recommendations and
findings to both technical(engineering) and non-technical audience at TeleSense
- Research new ways for modeling and predictive behavior for large scale projects
- Documents projects including business objectives, data gathering and processes, leading
approaches, final algorithm, and detailed set of results and analytical metrics
- Validate score performance & present model process and performance

Job Requirements:
- BS or MS in Operations Research, Statistics, Engineering, or equivalent fields. Knowledge
in mechanical & electrical engineering is a plus
- Applied experience: 2+ years of Machine Learning/Data Science experience
- Extensive experience in model development and life-cycle-management in one or more
industry/application domain
- Strong Programming skills in various languages with proficiency in Python and/or R
- Proven skills in Machine Learning, e. g., linear/logistic regression discriminant analysis,
bagging, random forest, Bayesian model, SVM, neural networks, etc.
- Experience with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra etc
- Strong knowledge in Statistics, e. g., descriptive analysis and inferential analysis




Tel: (833) 472-4600 

Sunnyvale, CA