Buffalo Box

The Buffalo Box connects to existing temperature cable systems to make them wireless. Imagine never having to manually check your temperature cables, and having alerts automatically sent to your phone and email.

+  Make Temperature Cables Wireless

+  Access to TeleSense App

+  Historical Trend Data

+  Grain Storage Alerts

With the help of an electrician, the Buffalo Box installs near the temperature cable box, and connects via the 7 or 14 pin connectors. It is then placed inside a weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure.

After installation, the Buffalo Box will send temperature cable data directly to computers or smartphones via the TeleSense App.

The TeleSense App gives users the ability to view the health of their entire operation at a glance, as well as analyze each individual sensor. If the temperature cables detect any abnormalities, users automatically receive text and email alerts, so they can fix the issue before it becomes a problem.




Tel: (833) 472-4600 

Sunnyvale, CA