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TeleSense is leading the post-harvest data revolution. With our suite of advanced grain sensors, it is our mission to make grain storage profitable again by providing grain operators with actionable alerts about their stored grain, sent right to their smartphone or laptop through the TeleSense cloud-based app.


Monitoring millions of bushels of stored grain is no easy task. Maintaining proper temperature and humidity is critical to manage spoilage, but takes a lot of time and resources—even for storage solutions with temperature cables.



Spoilage can be managed, but only if it is acted upon quickly. TeleSense's advanced suite of sensors monitors grain 24/7. If the sensors detect a problem, then you receive a notification directly to your TeleSense App.

Here's How it Works

If you already have temperature cables, great! We can make your current system wireless with our Buffalo Box adapter. Otherwise, we will work with you to find the perfect sensor solution for your specific situation. 

After finding a good solution, the sensors are deployed wherever your grain is stored. For the first time ever, TeleSense's sensors allow you to wirelessly monitor grain where it is most in danger, such as in ground piles, grain bags, far away remote storage sites, transport barges, trailers, and more.

A 6-foot long TeleSense Spear is monitoring a deep pile of wheat
A wireless spear monitors a covered pile of onions to prevent mold and fungus

A TeleSense SensorBall is monitoring barley in a bin for signs of spoilage

A grain elevator with Rolfes@Boone cables is now wirelessly connected to the TeleSense App

Data from the sensors is uploaded to the cloud, where information is converted into actionable intelligence.

Hand holding smartphone screen shows fac

TeleSense App

If anything is wrong with your stored grain, you will receive an immediate alert on your TeleSense app. Otherwise, you can rest easy knowing your grain is safe with TeleSense.

Over time, you can track and chart your grain's history and tendencies. This information can be used to inform storage decisions, selling decisions, and maintain grain quality from day one. 


Reduce Spoilage

Everything you do to take care of your grain is done to decrease spoilage, and increase profits. TeleSense's GrainSafe App takes everything you are already doing to monitor your grain and makes it more efficient. In grain operations, every cent counts.

Reduce Electricity Costs

Conditioning grain takes energy—lots of it. Drying, mixing, and moving millions of bushels of grain costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even small increases in efficiency result in big energy savings. 

Increase Operational Efficiency

How many hours are spent by employees monitoring grain? Whether it's time spent probing, driving to remote sites, moving grain around, TeleSense will help you cut down on man-hours and overtime.

Keep Your Team Safe

Working with large quantities of grain is dangerous. TeleSense wireless sensors reduce the amount of time employees need to spend inside grain silos or around large piles. This reduces risk of falls, entanglement, grain entrapment, and asphyxiation.



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